Since 1989, Marcel’s has been a favourite amongst South Africans. Following extensive renovations at our factory in Stellenbosch where we produce favourite treats to our loyal fans with state-of –the-art equipment.
Marcel’s is not only limited to the production of soft serve, but now extend its services to major retailers in the south African market.
Due to a strong demand for our shops to be made available to franchises, we have created a National Franchise Division to handle franchising locally as well as abroad!


Thank you for your interest in Operating a Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt franchise. If you meet the criteria below and wish to receive additional information about our franchise program, please complete the below application

  • You are an F&B operator with more than 3 years of experience in your territory/country of interest.
  • You have the ability to purchase the rights to open three or more locations.
  • You commit to protecting and enhancing the Marcel’s frozen Yoghurt brand integrity.

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Our factory in South Africa is the stone base of our success. It is equipped with extremely high technical machines of a high capacity, which work 24 hours, and operated by a team of professional expertise.

We adhere to the international standards, and we are very much strict to the quality and cleanness as we consider them our main capital of business. We use high quality fresh raw materials, to attain food’s safety and to preserve our environment.

The thrivng efforts of Marcel’s were crowned by several awards of quality, the latest was given to Marcel’s at the 2012 South Africa Competition for the best dairies and frozen yoghurts producers, where Marcel’s ranked on top.