Marcel’s serves 2 fantastic types of healthy frozen yoghurt, the soft and the scoop. The former is a unique frozen dairy dessert with the taste of fresh yoghurt, it is made from premium milk with an average fat percentage of 2.5%. It has a lovely soft creamy texture, it is used in iced beverages and fruit smoothies. The scoop is richer in flavor and creamy texture, as it contains an average of only 8% fat.


We strongly believe that we own an authentic trademark. For this reason we adopt various options through which we serve our customers. Once you are in one of Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt shops, you will be amazed by its elegance, vivid views and inviting atmosphere, where you can revel your favorite specialty as you are enjoying Marcel’s treats. You can pass by one of Marcel’s outlets in any of the famous malls adjacent to you, to enjoy your delicacy wherever you are.